Well, I certainly have not been good at keeping up with blogs. I’ve been busy between classes, entertaining a moody 5-year-old, and dealing with a fever.

Last weekend myself, my daughter, my mother, and my grandmother all went to Busch Gardens for a mini vacation. It sounds fun, but it wasn’t really. It was hotter than all get out and my daughter wasn’t feeling well. We have this foldable wagon that my daughter lied down in and we put an umbrella on it to keep my daughter covered. She slept most of the time. I pulled that wagon for a little over five miles, up and down hill, which honestly does not sound like much, but in that heat, it was horrible. Before that, I had about five hours of sleep in a three day span, so I was already exhausted. Towards the end of the day and we were heading to the gates, I collapsed and nearly fainted. It drew a little bit of a crowd, which is understandable. Instead of concern, my mother was angry with me for causing a scene and “faking it”. When we got back to the hotel room and I relaxed for a little bit, my mother and grandmother went to dinner without me and my daughter. Luckily, I had brought food for my daughter and was able to make her dinner in the room, but I went hungry that night.

The next night I was understandably sore and stiff. I hadn’t slept at all because I was sharing a room with three other people. Normally that wouldn’t bother me at all, but two of them snore like bears. My daughter didn’t sleep either. Neither one of us was in the mood to deal with two bitches.

Unfortunately, that day was really not much better than the previous day. Again, I was set to walk a little over three miles while pulling a wagon that not only had my daughter in it, but stuff being bought in the farmer’s market. When we got to a dirt path, my knees buckled and I almost fell, luckily I caught myself, and my mother instantly accused me of faking it for attention. She kept giving me glares and would even nudge me hard with her shoulder if she was close enough for the rest of the walk. When we started heading home, which is about a three hour drive, she purposefully kept driving after I told her repeatedly I had to pee. I almost wet myself when we finally got home. On top of that, I had my period for the first time since March, so it was considerably heavy. The pressure was unbearable. It’s been a few days since we’ve been back and I’ve had a fever since. I don’t feel well at all and I’m assuming my allergies are coming in to play here. It’s horrible.

Enough with all of this negative crap. It’s making my headache worse.

I know I keep mentioning how I want to write all of these novels, but I don’t ever seem to fall through with it, which I hate about myself. I start a story, but then have to set it aside because of life and then end up forgetting about it. Well, I decided to write a children’s book about having a single mother that’s a lesbian. I already finished it, I just have to do the illustrations. It’s just a simple little book, like a pre-k level. I may make another that’s for older kids along the road. I already found LGBT+ friendly publishers and as soon as I do the illustrations, I’m sending it in. Maybe then I’ll have the motivation to finish my romance novel and build up to my dark occult series.

Sorry for the drama of this post. Have a good day!

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