Recent events have made me lose hope for a good future. My vision of the future is really quite bleak. As the image shows, that’s pretty much what I expect the U.S. to look like in the next ten years, if that.

We have a leader that isn’t behaving like a leader at all. I’m beginning to think he has dementia. People are losing benefits and rights left and right. If the new “Healthcare Bill” passes, I won’t get to see a doctor ever and I know I have some health risks that need to be looked at…I just don’t have any insurance and can’t afford a visit. Not only that, but being a woman, sexual assault survivor, athiest, and lesbian, I’m already a second class citizen. I leave the house in fear every day that I’m going to be attacked by Christian Terrorists simply for being a single mother. Every time I hear a jet fly over the house, I pause, expecting to hear the whistle of a missile or bomb. I’m close enough to the DC area that I would die if there was a nuclear strike and with commander kookoo bananas in charge, I expect that to be happening any day now. Every day I look at my daughter and fear it is going to be the last time I see her. That I may have to watch her die…or her watch me die and have to try to survive without me. It’s so painful and heartbreaking to go through that multiple times a day.

I’m so stressed out, I can’t sleep. I’m so hungry, but have no appetite to eat. I don’t think I could even stomach it. I feel bile in my throat all the time. I might have an ulcer with the pain I’ve been experiencing. I’ve been hit with waves of anxiety attacks and today I’m extremely lightheaded from them. I can’t talk to my mom about it because she practically worships that cheetoh ass-hat. I’m pretty sure my best friend is sick of me talking about my fears by now, so I’m starting to hold my tongue.

Sitting here watching my daughter play, I wish I had her innocence and no cares. I’m terrified she won’t have a future. I’m terrified she’ll be objective simply for being a girl and will have no opportunities. I’m dreading having to tell her why our “leader” glorifies sexual abuse and that the world thinks nothing of her because of her gender. My insides are knotted just thinking about it. I’m trying not to cry.

This country has a one way ticket to being a third world country with a Christian Sharia Law. It’s unsettling that so many people could be so blindly patriotic and at the same time spit on the forefathers’ vision of this country they claim to love.



One thought on “Dreading the Future

  1. I am not tired of hearing about it, sweetie. I’m thinking about it daily too and what my future would look like without you or your daughter in it, and that’s a scary thing. I keep thinking that if an attack does happen, I hope like hell you’re not there, like you’re in a different state entirely. And you’re right. We’re going down a dark and dangerous path. I’m worried for your safety just as much. ❤

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