I spent this past weekend close to the Eastern Shore and it was pretty relaxing, until I was told I would have to babysit a boy that has been continuously rude to my daughter every time he is near her. That didn’t change this time around. He flat out criticized everything she enjoyed from her toys and clothes to the shows and movies she absolutely adores. I could tell how horribly it was impacting her. No five year old should feel shame like that. I stopped being nice and I snapped at him, asking him how he’d like it if someone said those things to him. His response was that he’d punch them in the face, which he said he has done before because that’s what his dad told him to do. He then went on to say that his dad said that if someone isn’t “normal” then they should expect to be treated poorly. Apparently, this definition of “normal” excludes people who don’t bully for fun, are genuinely polite to others, like different things than they do, don’t believe in religion, have a non-violent/passive nature, are “hippies”, anyone in the LGBT+ community, or just like cats (I’m not kidding). He even said that if anyone in their family didn’t worship like them, like the same football team, or like Trump, they weren’t family. They are actually teaching these things to kids!? Where’s the unconditional love!? It was horrible to hear all of this. I thought this kid was full of shit until I went to dinner with his family. His father had the gull to say my daughter “needed to learn how to handle bullying because she comes from an “unnatural” home life”. What the actual fuck!? Then he went on to say how the LGBT+ community needs to be “taken care of” and the only good cats have in life are on a plate served with rice. These people disgust me.

They said several other horrible things, even criticizing my weight and short hair. I looked to my mother for help and she flat out said that I shouldn’t be myself because people don’t like who I am and I’m an embarrassment to the family. Definitely not the first time I’ve heard that, but it didn’t hurt any less. The worst part of it all, my daughter heard every single word. She is going to remember those words for the rest of her life.

I don’t know where to go from here…I suppose I’ll just keep trying to reinforce confidence and love in my daughter, teaching her to treat everyone the way she wants to be treated, and to never listen to nasty people like them because they are only spreading hate, which is bad. I just hope she doesn’t treat me poorly because of them and anyone who can’t accept people for their differences.


One thought on “Closed-minds teaching others to be closed-minded

  1. What a bunch of jerks! I have a few other choice words for them, but will refrain from putting them here.

    While she may remember the words they said, I think she’ll remember the way you handled yourself even better because she looks up to you. She’s not around these people all the time (thank goodness!) so it’s my guess that she barely knows them, which makes me believe she’ll be less likely to pick up such nasty habits. She’s being raised by a wonderful, loving mother who accepts everyone despite what makes them unique, and despite the resistance she’s meeting in this day and age of total and unnecessary hatred. Just because it’s easier to hate someone for being different, doesn’t make it right. Love should be unconditional. It’s not food, where you can love it one day and hate it the next. Love should be about seeing the differences in people and accepting them anyway.

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