Ok, so I posted something on Facebook about the Trinity, not the same as the Christian Holy Trinity, but deep minds on cartoons and their view on life. Two in particular have deeply impacted me since the premieres of the shows. Steven Universe and Rick & Morty.


Now, I’m a firm believer in that the meaning of life is that there isn’t a meaning to life. No one exists for a reason, there is no great plan for them. There is no purpose. There is no magic invisible giant pulling the strings of your life. There is just existing and what you do in the time of your birth and your death will not dictate an afterlife. So go ahead and eat that cake, kiss your lover, dye your hair an awesome color, and rock your outfit. Don’t be afraid to be you.

I posted that on Facebook and immediately got a text from a family member telling me to take it down because it was blasphemous. I’m not going to take it down. They constantly share their belief in sending gays to conversion camps, taking children from them because they believe everyone in the LGBT+ community is a child molester, and that America should be a white christian country. It’s a headache. Pretty damn sure they are trying to force Christian Sharia Law.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I respect people’s beliefs until they disrespect my lack of them or use their religion to hurt others. I know my best friend has some beliefs and I may vent on her a little too much about my absolute disdain for religion…to which I am so terribly sorry if I have offended you in anyway. You know I would never intentionally hurt you like that (I know you’re reading this).

With the new turn of events, it’s going to be so hard to live free of religion. It won’t be long before there will be religious police trolling the streets, barging into homes, and making sure you live your life according to an old book filled with fairy tales, whether or not you believe in them. I’m sick and tired of people thinking that just because they believe in something, they have to impose that belief on others. I know not everyone is like that. I know of a few others that are accepting and openminded. They’re the good ones. They’re just overpowered by the loud ones that think everyone not like them is wrong.

I think Greg Universe’s explanation is my favorite in that picture. Now, I’m a huge Steven Universe fan. That show helped me learn to accept myself. Last night’s episode was actually the one where Greg said that to Steven, explaining to him that he had no magical destiny and wasn’t meant for something too big for him. He is the result of two people who love each other and you can’t expect too much from a kid…you just have to let them find their own and just want them to be happy. That’s what I want for my daughter. I don’t have this big expectation for her. I just want her to be happy. I don’t care if she wants to be religious and I don’t care who she falls in love with. I just want to be there supporting her and giving her unconditional love. I’m not going to tell her who has to be because that’s not up to me. It’s up to her.

I’m just going to leave things with this:

You don’t have to fully understand someone to know they deserve to be true to themselves and let them be happy. They don’t have to force themselves into a frame that is the same for everyone to have a place because no two people are same. Love is not conditional.


2 thoughts on “My Trinity

  1. No offense taken ❤ I've learned to just let it bead up and roll off like water. I just hope you don't feel like I'm ever trying to push it on you, because I'm not. My beliefs have been modified to fit my particular experiences and I respect your right to believe whatever you wish. It's none of my business what you believe in. Besides, we have more important and fun things to take about anyway.

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